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Meet Dr. Marc Saulnier

Dr. Marc headshotAfter 13 years of serving in my hometown of Norwood, Saulnier Family Chiropractic has relocated to Medfield. Chiropractic care is very special to me, because it dramatically improved my health and life…but, more on that later; first let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Growing up, I could usually be found on the baseball diamond, football field, golf course, or hockey rink. During my time at Norwood High School, I played golf and hockey for the Mustangs, and sang in the choir. I can still be caught singing a bit around the office. After my undergrad studies at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI, I fulfilled a long held desire to serve in the Peace Corps. I have always received the greatest satisfaction from serving and helping others, so traveling to the Dominican Republic was the perfect opportunity. On top of learning how to speak Spanish and to dance merengue and salsa, it ended up being the beginning of discovering my life’s mission.

Before I went into the Peace Corps, I ended up in a chiropractic office as a patient…”

I was playing in a golf tournament, and as I teed off on the fourth hole I felt a ripping pain down my neck and into my right shoulder. Throughout the round the condition got worse leaving me unable to play, or even lift my arm up above my head. The local golf pro and his whole family were wellness patients at a local Chiropractic office. So, with his urging I decided to attend an orientation. After learning more pertinent information about health from that hour and a half orientation than I had in all my years of schooling, I knew I was in the right place. The next day he performed an examination and began adjusting my spine. After only a few adjustments my body began to heal and my neck and shoulder pain disappeared. As I got further into Chiropractic care to correct the layers of damage from all that football, hockey and golf; I noticed that my asthma, digestive and insomnia issues cleared up as well! I knew I had to help others learn how to be healthy.

I graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic in December of 2006, and began taking care of clients in 2007.

A Life Changing Event

Next to discovering Chiropractic, the biggest life-changing event has been my father’s death ten years ago. I have been reflecting on his life and would like to share part of his story with you.

My dad had been in a serious health struggle (physical, mental and social) for the last eight years of his life. His health problems actually date back to 1989, when he suffered his first stroke. Ten years later the carotid arteries had become so occluded that he needed stents placed in them. Things then became really serious in 2001. His cardiovascular issues had deteriorated to the point that he needed a quintuple heart bypass and a cleansing of the stents. Through God’s grace he lived through it, but his body was extremely weak.

I knew the power of Chiropractic through the adjustments I received, but it was the changes I witnessed in other people under Chiropractic care that truly impressed me. I would drive my father into the office three times a week to make sure he got the care he needed. Over the next two years I watched as he began to get his strength back. The medical doctors were always amazed at his improvement given all the challenges, but I knew his secret.

In the midst of being diagnosed with lung cancer, undergoing radiation treatment, and having his physical health deteriorate; my dad had a great last year. Mentally and spiritually he was a new person. He accepted God back into his life and found a new peace. Through it all he showed me that it is never too late to grow. You see, you may have damaged your body to the point where it will never fully recover, but your life can be better than it is now. Quality of life is how much love you are able to give and receive in any given moment. You have to ask yourself, is your life better today than it was yesterday?

Dr. Marc & DadI know God decided how many days he would live. I also know that Chiropractic helped him have the best days possible. It isn’t always about quantity, but more about the quality of time that we have. My dad’s death confirmed for me that my mission is to help you live your life to the fullest, whatever your current health challenge. And to be a good example of God’s love. Each adjustment I give is one step towards a better quality of life for you and your family, and a better world for all.

Thank you for being a part of my dream. You can count on me to continue to make my father proud and always give you my best.

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