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Additional Saulnier Family Chiropractic Reviews

  • Great office. Great children’s play area. Great friendly fun, kind, staff. Dr Saulnier is extremely polite and thoughtful and explains every portion of the visit. It was a great experience!
    - Loretta J.
  • Awesome very skilled practitioner.
    - Carol F.
  • I instantly felt comfortable! He was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to and I felt great leaving!
    - Lisa R.
  • Very informative and pleasant. Feeling positive that Dr. Saulnier can help me.
    - Barbara S.
  • Awesome visit ! So kind and welcoming.
    - Casey S.
  • Just thank you! I was scared, as I had never been to a chiropractor before. I’ll recommend you to anyone who’ll listen.
    - Eve M.
  • I was carried into Dr. Saulnier’s office, unable to walk myself, and walked out within an hour of arriving for my first treatment. Sciatica due to my first pregnancy left me unable to walk for days and Dr. Saulnier provided the exact care, patience, guidance, and gentle touch that enabled me to move again with ease. His confidence and knowledge of his practice reassures me that I am getting the best care possible!
    - Emily C.
  • Love the walk-in hours!!
    - Signe P.
  • I told my wife after my first visit that I’d just discovered something “life changing”. Looking forward to continued treatment at your practice!
    - Jascha P.
  •  I was impressed with the evaluation equipment. 
    - Joseph F.
  • This process has been amazing! My whole body has been in pain for so long and after only three appointments I notice such a big difference. I feel so much better. Dr. Marc really helped me understand what was going on and made me feel comfortable with the process.
    - Nicole S.O.
  • I wish I had started chiropractic care sooner!
    - Meghan P.
  • Very grateful to have found this office
    - Paul D.
  • Dr. Marc is a very personable guy. And is really good at what he does, I would recommend him to several friends of mine. The environment of the facility is very welcoming to new patients which is a must.
    - Jason P.
  • Excellent visit. The issues were explained very well and the graphs were so helpful. My first adjustment made me feel fantastic. I will return for more work! I was so happy that I went.
    - Barbara W.
  • Dr. Marc is excellent! I am so happy that he will be taking care of my problem. The technology equipment Dr. Marc has is amazing! I can’t begin to express how impressed I am! 
    - Marilyn G.
  • It was the best chiropractic experience I’ve had.
    - Jackie A.
  • Super nice and knowledgeable!
    - Nichole S.

Very Professional

Nothing like any Chiropractor I’ve seen before. My first experience was very informational with print outs and an on screen look of what is going on in my body. Really interesting and cool stuff. Dr. Marc was very professional with a down to earth manner. Highly recommend. 5/5 stars.

– M.T.

Great Experience!

Dr. Marc was great! I had been hurt at work and he fit me into his full schedule. After only my second visit I am already feeling so much better. As a brief aside, when leaving my second appointment 2 younger children where waiting to be seen. They very clearly adored Dr. Marc and looked forward to their appointments. Great experience!
– E.P.

Was Able To Enjoy My Trip

All I know is that the constant dizziness, strange joint sensations, and muscle twitching went away that night when I got home from my first appointment. I was able to fly to Texas the next morning with no anxiety, pain, or dizziness. I had a great vacation with my family. I went hiking and swimming at McKinley state park. I felt like myself and that I could relax. I am still not 100%, but I am confident that I will get there with continued care.

– M.M.

Personal Practice

Small, personal practice, where I don’t feel like a source of income. Dr. Saulnier works fast and efficiently, with clear explanations as to care and cause of pain. I switched from a larger practice where I felt I wasn’t being paid attention to, and I haven’t been disappointed.


Excellent Experience

I had an excellent experience! I’ve never been to see a chiropractor and had no idea what to expect. All my questions and concerns were fully answered. I walked out of there feeling confident that I would finally be free of the pain that I have been experiencing for many, many years!

– K.C.

Great Experience

All was a great experience. Provided stats and charts to help me understand the parts of my spine that are stressed which will also allow me to monitor it after treatment. Much better than other chiropractors that see you for 2 mins and adjust you and that’s it. Highly recommended.

– K.H.

Absolutely Love This Office!

I have been looking for a local chiropractic office now that we have established our home and absolutely LOVE this office! Dr. Marc is amazing!


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