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Saulnier Family Chiropractic Reviews

  • Happy to return and love the flexible hours!

    -Kristen C.
  • Excellent visit. The issues were explained very well and the graphs were so helpful. My first adjustment made me feel fantastic. I will return for more work! I was so happy that I went.

    -Barbara W.
  • I couldn’t ask for a more pleasurable experience.

    -Mark L.
  • I can’t say enough about Saulnier Family Chiropractic. Everyone is courteous and friendly, and chiropractic most definitely helps to keep me as healthy as I can be.

    -Trudy C.
  • Very happy with my first visit. Really hopeful I’ll be able to run with less discomfort soon!

    -Leslie C.
  • Dr. Marc is great! I’m so excited to get all fixed up!

    -Nicholas S.
  • As a first-time patient of Chiropractic care, I was very satisfied with my initial visit and left educated on the processes and methods of treatment as well as feeling confident that I made the right choice in facility.

    -Andrea M.
  • Glad that I found this place, I’ve been for a few visits and can already fell a huge difference!

    -Kristen G.
  • Very impressed by the scans and technology associated with care plan and also the warm inviting atmosphere of Hope and Dr. Marc. Thank you!

    -Jennifer W.
  • My first visit was excellent. I Can’t wait to go back.

    -Dinamene C.
  • I had an excellent experience! I’ve never been to see a chiropractor and had no idea what to expect. All my questions and concerns were fully answered. I walked out of there feeling confident. 

    -Karen C.
  • Love the walk-in hours!!

    -Signe P.
  • Fine hands and a long-term care approach. Highly recommended!

    -Eric M.
  • Great, laid back, informative and leave feeling better.

    -Petrica R.
  • Great office. Great children’s play area. Great friendly fun, kind, staff. Dr Saulnier is extremely polite and thoughtful and explains every portion of the visit. It was a great experience!

    -Loretta J.
  • Great first experience with Dr. Marc, looking forward to coming back!

    -Sara S.

Thrilled That I Chose Dr. Marc

I am thrilled that I chose Dr. Marc at Saulnier Family Chiropractic. I have been twice and feel so much better already! Dr. Marc is friendly and very informative, I felt very comfortable. I have learned so much about chiropractic and my own situation, and have full confidence I will improve my health by continuing my visits and making this part of my wellness program.

– D.V.

So Very Thankful

Considering I did not have an appointment I am so very thankful that Dr. Saulnier took me in and helped me at all! I am not in the habit of walking into doctors offices uninvited and with no appointment but I was very sick with the pain, I was desperate for help! Dr. Saulnier was extremely kind to take care of me! He had a choice to say “no” which I would have understood but he didn’t and I sincerely appreciate him for taking care if me! I know he does not know me yet, but thank you Dr. Saulnier for not sending me away – you are a very kind person and chiropractor!

– E.M.

Compliments Active Lifestyle

Happy to be a patient here and confident that I am in good hands. I’m a very active person and I believe Dr. Saulnier really understands how to treat athletes so we are firing at 100%.

– K.D.

Recommend Dr. Saulnier

I found Dr. Saulnier very professional yet friendly. Having been adjusted in the past by several well-known chiropractors, I am confident to recommend Dr. Saulnier as one of the best.

– J.L.

Great Experience

Dr. Marc was a “natural” with my son! He got down on his level, spoke calmly and showed him every bit of his office and tools. Could not have asked for a better experience! Thank you!

– E.O.


The fact that the Dr. himself called me back within minutes and then got me an appointment for the next day was amazing to me. I have been dealing with practices that have taken me weeks to get appointments. And the walk in hours are so convenient. I am thrilled to have finally found a place that understands that you can’t wait when you are in pain.

– K.W.

Will Truly Help To Improve My Overall Health

The doctor is very informative and I don’t feel like I am being rushed like most medical visits. Before my first visit, I was not aware how involved chiropractic care was. I feel as though the treatment plan I am being placed on will truly help to improve my overall health, and I am looking forward to seeing improvement over the course of the treatment.

– J.G.

Gentle, Kind And Reassuring

I was referred to Dr. Marc because of Bell’s Palsy (paralysis on one side of my face). I had never seen a chiropractor before and I realized after my first appointment that it s important to go even when you are not presenting symptoms or are in pain. Dr. Marc is gentle, kind and reassuring and very knowledgeable. . I would definitely refer others to him.

– S.S.

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